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MOU3 Architecture

MOU3 is an architecture firm founded by Roger Cirera Nuñez, an architect with more than 20 years of experience, with a presence in Spain, Ecuador and China. En  mou3 architecture experts in new construction, industrialized single-family housing and turnkey projects.



At MOU3 all its designs are made from scratch, as if it were a blank canvas: so that they fulfill their functions properly, in addition to considering their flexibility and adaptability to the new times. And without forgetting cost control adjusted to the needs of each client. Thus contributing the maximum value possible to the project.



  • Demonstrable experience, with successful promotions, with local investment groups.

  • International experience with renowned investment groups such as VANKE, SINCERE, LONGFOR, SPREDABLE.

  • Participation in numerous contests, with various mentions and prizes.

  • Design of your Project through Infographics, animations, virtual tours and models.

  • Reduce risks, thanks to our experience and proximity, saving time and problems.

  • Improve Life Quality.

  • Continuous and personalized monitoring throughout the process.


Surely there are still more unresolved doubts, before being able to decide whether to build a house:

  •  What are the stages of a project?

  •  How much does my house cost?

  •  What style should my house be?


We would shed some light on the road and for this reason we have prepared some downloadable files, so that you can know the different stages of a project,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_uncf5 indicative cost of your future home and also a presentation showing how new technologies and construction systems are decisive.

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